Monday, October 31, 2011

Bankruptcy no longer carries the social stigma that it once did.

Many very famous people have filed for bankruptcy over the years. Presidents Jefferson, Lincoln, Grant, and McKinley all filed bankruptcy. Here are just a few more: Mark Twain, Donald Trump, Larry King, Willie Nelson, Mickey Rooney, Wayne Newton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Margot Kidder, Meat Loaf, Tammy Wynette, Ted Nugent, Cindi Lauper, Mike Tyson, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Paine, and Burt Reynolds. Bankruptcy became an option for all of these famous people. It could become an option for you. Find out if you can get a fresh start. Bankruptcy just can’t carry the social stigma that it has in the past, the shame associated with being unable to pay your bills, when all of these people have filed for relief.

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