Friday, October 28, 2011

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Creditors Meetings

You must attend, and you must bring your driver’s license and social security card. It is best to arrive early so that you can find a seat, get comfortable, and listen to the questions being asked to the people in front of you. There will usually be a schedule outside the room. The Trustee will put you under oath and ask you questions about your case. The usual questions include whether you listed all of your debts and all of your assets in the documents filed with the court, whether the documents are complete and accurate, whether there are any changes to the schedules, whether you have an income tax refund coming to you, whether you expect to receive an inheritance, and any other questions concerning your case. The usual meeting of creditors lasts about three minutes. Your creditors can be present and ask you questions. They are usually there to see if you want to reaffirm part or all of your debt and keep some credit with them.

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